Atlanta Music Project
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On a trip to Venezuela, Dantes Rameau witnessed how free, intensive classical music training for underserved youth could change a community for the better. A formative moment, it forever changed the way he thought about community.

In 2010 he decided to bring the opportunity for kids to pursue musical excellence to Southwest ATL. Just like that, the Atlanta Music Project was born.

Choral performance from the Atlanta Music ProjectChoral performance from the Atlanta Music Project
While Dantes didn’t have connections, a paycheck, or even his own space, he had the drive. And he asked his first class of students to join his commitment to excellence: learn to play an instrument for 2 hours a day, 5 days a week.
Atlanta music project imageA performance from the Atlanta Music Project
the Atlanta Music Project had found its footing. They’d grown to 1 full-time employee, 8 part-time instructors, and a budget of $285,000.
That’s when they asked Mailchimp to help fund their new 3-week Summer Series. The following year, more corporate donors and foundations followed.
In 2020 the Atlanta Music Project has grown to 10 employees and 50 instructors. It’s now one of the few youth development organizations in Atlanta with a budget of more than $1 million. They’ve raised $3 million for their new home and recruited dozens of new sponsors.
So many things have changed for them, but their foundational commitment to the community remains.
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