Moving in the Spirit
moving in the spirit
Dancers at Moving in the Spirit

Moving in the Spirit has spent the last 30 years developing thousands of students through the power of dance. But their humble, scrappy studio proved to be much smaller than their aspirations. They needed a way to explore their potential.

In 2002, they commissioned a study to see if they could raise enough money to build a new headquarters. The results determined that it wasn’t possible. In 2010, they commissioned another new study. Again, negative.
Dana LuptonDana Lupton
So in2015
Moving in the Spirit asked Mailchimp to help them realize their dream. It was their last chance, and we were ready to help.
We funded a feasibility study to help investors see that, with the right partners, their dream could come true. And it worked!
Dancers at Moving in the SpiritDancers at Moving in the Spirit
Moving in the Spirit raised $9 million with the help of dozens of new partners, and their new headquarters opened in August 2020.
Moving in the Spirit is now serving twice as many students as before, in a building that’s more accessible and more inspiring—a space to soar.
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