Raising Expectations
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Raising Expectations began their journey 25 years ago. The plan was to nurture and mentor thousands of young people on the eastside of Atlanta.

Raising Expectations was still changing the lives of young people through deep, comprehensive relationships. But they knew they could be making more of an impact.
Raising Expectations staff and dogRaising Expectations staff and dog
So Maria and Tangee moved their organization across town to the westside communities that needed them most. Then they did something unexpected—instead of pursuing growth, they sharpened their attention. Instead of going bigger, they went deeper.
For Raising Expectations, big change starts small.
What makes mentorship work is a comprehensive relationship, trust, and consistency. It’s tempting to chase scale or move numbers and manufacture the illusion of success, but for Raising Expectations, true impact means investing in young people for years.
It’s small, and it’s slow. But it’s how enduring change is achieved.
Raising Expectations headquartersRaising Expectations headquarters
When Maria and Tangee participated in Mailchimp Community College in 2017, we immediately found a connection. Our employees granted Raising Expectations $36,000, and started a deep and comprehensive relationship of our own.
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